Travel Procedures

Information regarding the issuance of Travel Advances can be found in Travel, under Resources.  The Travel Advance form is a 4-part paper form, it can be ordered from Materials Distribution at 315.443.3172 form #32001-001  (stock # CS07-0001)

To obtain a travel advance, a travel voucher must be completed, signed by both the traveler and by an individual authorized for the general ledger account being charged, and forwarded to Disbursements Processing. The travel voucher must be received at least two weeks prior to the scheduled departure from Syracuse.

The Travel Voucher form is used to request reimbursement of out of pocket expenses related to University business travel.  Information regarding travel reimbursements can be found in Travel, under Resources.

The mileage reimbursement rate for use of a personal automobile on University business incurred between 01/01/17 and 12/31/17 is $0.535 per mile.  The mileage reimbursement rate for use of a personal automobile on University business incurred on or after 01/01/18 is $0.545 per mile.  Use the Travel Voucher Form on the BFAS Forms website for reimbursement

Print both worksheets.

If the traveler is an employee,  then the traveler is  required to sign the Daily Detail page. The signature of the authorized signer is required on the Expense Report. Attach the required receipts and mail as indicated below.

For Sponsored Awards: mail to:
Office of Sponsored Accounting – 211 Lyman Hall
Phone: 443-2059 Fax: (315) 443-2094 E-mail: Sponsored Accounting

For Restricted Accounts: mail to: 
Restricted Accounting – 124 Skytop Office Building
Phone: 443-5372 Fax: 443-2676 E-mail: Restricted Accounting

For all other accounts: mailed to: 
Disbursements – 108 Skytop Office Building 
Phone: 443-9446 E-mail: Disbursements