Tax FAQs

Who do I contact to request a copy of Syracuse University’s form 990 or 990-T (Business Income Tax Returns)? In order to request a copy of the University’s Form 990 (Information Return) or Form 990-T (Business Income Tax Return), please submit a written request stating reasons for your request and along your contact information to the Comptroller, Syracuse University.

Who do I contact for questions regarding the 1098-T form (Tuition Payment Statement)? Please contact Dawn Proia at 315-443-9364  for all questions regarding form 1098-T.

How can I get a reissue of my form W-2?
Please refer to the Payroll’s W-2 Statements information page.

How do you get your proposed external rate calculation(s) approved?Please prepare and submit a memo detailing the proposed external income rates. The memo should include the purpose, goal and details of the external income activity, the personnel involved and their hours spent to carry out the activity, details of the buildings and rooms where the activity will be conducted, and the proposed rates will take into effect. Please explain how the rate was computed and what expenses will be directly associated with the external rate income proposed. For example, in the computation illustrated below, the use of facilities for one day would have an external income rate of $500.

Direct expenses:
Utilities for the facility (based on prior year) $ 40,000
Bldg & ground maintenance (based on prior year) 35,000
Insurance 7,500
Depreciation (please contact Senior Financial Analyst at the Comptroller’s Office) 100,000
$  182,500
Number of days facility is available for use 365 days
Per day amount $  500/day

Once the memo is completed, please send the memo to the Director Tax Reporting & Financial Projects for her review of any possible tax implications. The Comptroller’s Office will prepare an overall tax finding memo and forward it to the respective approving authorities.

Please send us your question, if you don’t find your answers above.


Syracuse University does not offer personal tax advice. Nothing on this web site shall be construed as the offering of tax advice. Syracuse University recommends seeking professional tax counsel whenever necessary.