Sponsored Accounting

The Office of Sponsored Accounting (OSA) works collaboratively with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to assist and support Syracuse University’s faculty and staff by providing guidance, assistance, education, and compliance with the financial management of sponsored projects.

OSA provides post-award financial administration of approved sponsored projects, contracts, and cooperative agreements on behalf of Syracuse University. Other duties include providing leadership in the development of strategies to effectively and efficiently meet the financial requirements of sponsoring organizations and supported units; providing service to all departments, department administrators, and grant/contract principal investigators through assistance in the business/financial aspects of sponsored projects; providing expertise in the administration of sponsored grants/contracts, including financial services to university departments and sponsoring agencies; and providing advice to department personnel and principal investigators in the financial management of their programs within the terms and conditions of the grant/contract federal regulation (e.g., OMB Circulars) NACUBO guidelines, and Syracuse policies.

OSP assists University faculty and staff with submission of proposals for external support of research, scholarship, education and training, and service/outreach activities. Responsibilities include, assuring that submitted proposals conform to University policies and sponsor guidelines, and if funded, that projects are compliant with sponsor requirements. For additional information, please visit OSP’s website.

Sponsored Services

The Offices of Sponsored Programs and Accounting are co-located at 211 Lyman Hall. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you in a more efficient manner by providing all of your pre and post award needs in a convenient “one stop shop”.

The Mission Statement for our combined Sponsored Service area is: “Supporting funded research and other scholarly activity by providing comprehensive guidance and service to the campus community, while ensuring responsible stewardship of sponsored funds.”

As part of our Sponsored Services mission, we will again be providing an opportunity for everyone to gather and discuss various topics related to the administration of sponsored awards. We welcome all topic suggestions for the Sponsored Services Coffee Breaks. Please contact Stuart Taub or Cathy Hayduke with any ideas or topics you would like discussed.

We welcome your comments and feedback to help us provide you with the best possible service.

Effective 3/8/17 online journal entry capabilities now include sponsored journal entries. Only online journal entries will be accepted.

View the Sponsored Online Journal Entry FAQs

Directory: Sponsored Accounting

Mike Paparo Associate Comptroller (315) 443-3765  mapaparo@syr.edu
Cathy Hayduke Director (315) 443-1765  cphayduk@syr.edu
Toni Besaw Assistant Director (315) 443-1767 tbesaw@syr.edu
Liz Bull Senior Accountant (315) 443-8123 ewbull@syr.edu
Kelly O’Connor Senior Accountant (315) 443-2694  kaocon02@syr.edu
Lynn Roundy Senior Accountant (315) 443-3886  leroundy@syr.edu
TBD Senior Accountant (315) 443-1764 TBD
Clarissa Simpson Accounting Analyst (315) 443-1769  clsimpso@syr.edu
Laura McCall Accounting Analyst (315) 443-6000 llmccall@syr.edu
Daniel Murray Office Coordinator (315) 443-2059 demurray@syr.edu

The Facilities & Administrative Reporting and Analysis Group works collaboratively with other central administrative departments and campus departments to prepare the Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Rate proposal; conducts the space survey for the F&A proposal; prepares the annual federal fringe benefit proposal; is the liaison with the external auditors on the annual Uniform Guidance audit; and provides services to all departments through assistance in the business/financial aspects of recharge centers and specialized service facilities.

Directory: Facilities & Administrative Reporting and Analysis

Kathleen Telling Director F&A Reporting & Analysis (315) 443-1763 kptellin@syr.edu
Angela Frontale Senior Accountant (315) 443-7669 afrontal@syr.edu

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Effort Reporting

Spring 2018 Effort Reporting Certification period will open to campus on Monday, June 11, 2018 and will close Friday, June 22, 2018.

The Spring 2018 certification period covers:

Faculty: January 1, 2018 – May 7, 2018
Staff: January 1, 2018 – May 15, 2018

Recharge Centers

Syracuse University Credit Card Program

University Fringe Benefit Rates for Fiscal 2016

University Fringe Benefit Rates for Fiscal 2017 and 2018

University Fringe Benefit Rates by Account for Fiscal 2017

New University Facilities and Administrative Rates

Available Sponsored Project Training, please see “Training Materials” page for questions regarding access and training material.

Post Award Manual 

Electronic Filing Guidance

The link for the SAMtool is available and is located on MySlice under Financial Services. You will see the Sponsored Award Management Tool (SAMtool) and one to two links depending upon your current Grants access. As you use the SAMtool, we welcome and ask that you provide us with your feedback, comments, and suggestions to  e-contacct@syr.edu

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*The new and improved Graduate Assistantship Sponsored Tuition Remission Form is available*

Any questions concerning tuition or scholarship, please email gradawd@syr.edu.