Steps To Generate A General Ledger Report To Review Programs With More Than One Fund

Go to Myslice.  Choose My Reports

Administrative Applications

On resultant drop down, choose Navigate, then Explore.


On resultant screen choose FAB then General Ledger


On resultant screen choose GL Detail Current and Prior Year.

On resultant screen choose Process


Limit criteria boxes will appear.

At Fund Code, select Ignore.


At DeptID, enter the 5 digit department number and select OK


At Program Code, enter the 5 digit program number and select OK.


At Account GL, check the box labeled “Not” and enter 3,4,7, then select OK.


At MyCode_Chrtglf1, select ignore.


At Journal Date, select from drop down box  >=  (greater than or equal), then enter the date of the beginning of the current fiscal year and select OK.


When raw data appears, go to the far left of the resultant screen and under Sections scroll down and select “Sum All by Account”


The report that you will receive will show the year to date status of the program taking into account all funds 15 and 16.


If the “Budget Amount” less “Commit Amt” less “Actuals Amt” is a negative amount for either Fund 15 or Fund 16, please contact Restricted Accounting at x2522 to discuss how the balance will be cleared.