Reimbursement Forms

Reimbursement Related Forms

  • Employee Expense Reimbursement Request – To reimbursement employees for out of pocket University business expenses such as local business meals, local mileage, research/reference books, etc.
  • Travel Voucher – Mileage Rate – To reimburse Faculty, Staff, Students and university guests who incur out of pocket expenses while traveling on  University business. This form will automatically calculate the mileage reimbursement amount using the current calendar year mileage rate.

The Paper Travel Advances Form MUST be used to request a travel advance.  It is a 4-part paper form that can be ordered from Materials Distribution at 315.443.3172  form #32001-001 (stock #CS07-0001).

  • Requisition – To reimburse students and university guests for out of pocket University business expenses. This is a paper form and can be purchased from Materials Distribution at 315.443.3172, Form #32001-013, Stock #CS07-0013.