Journal Notification

Once a journal entry has been edited and is in a valid, valid status, click on the Notify button.

Notify when valid, valid

Refer to the departmental approver procedures to determine who must be notified of the transaction.  If you are entering information that is not in your department or area be sure to notify the other department/area about the journal entry you are submitting.

Indicate the To, CC, and/or BCC recipients.  This can be done by entering their NetID or using the Lookup Recipient link.

To:      This is the person(s) authorized to approve the transaction and must approve the transaction in order for it to be posted to the General Ledger

CC:     This is sent as informational only

BCC:  This is sent as informational only

Notification Set Up

Click on the Lookup Recipient Link.  The following page will be displayed where you may enter the recipient’s name:

Lookup Recipient

You may search for a person using any part of their name by using the “%” sign as a wildcard symbol.   For example, to search for a user where “joanne” is part of their name enter:  %joanne%


  • This search is not case sensitive
  • The format for names in financials is: last name, first name, middle initial or name
  • When searching for a user that has an apostrophe in their name, you’ll need to enter two single quotes in order to search (do not enter a double quote):  %o’’connor%

Once the Recipient, Email Address, and User ID’s are listed in Search Results, click on the appropriate To, CC, and/or BCC checkbox and click on the Add to Recipient List button (Note: If you do not click on the Add to Recipient List button then your selected recipients will not be added and you will have to repeat this step).

Select Approver top portion

Select Approver bottom portion

The Recipient List will be populated as follows:

Add to Recipient List

Click on the Ok button.  You will be brought back to the Send Notification page and your results will appear as follows:

Approver and copied recipients

The default delivery options are:

To:      Notification goes to Worklist and an email is automatically generated.

CC:      Email only is generated

BCC:   Email only is generated

Click on the Delivery Options link to change any of these defaults:

Delivery Options

Complete the rest of the notification form details as you prefer:

  • Priority
  • Message

Note: Subject and Template Text do not need to be changed.

Final Notify to Send

Click on Ok.  The email(s) will be sent automatically and the worklist(s) will be updated.

Your journal entry is complete.  At this point you will not be able to edit the journal any further.   Contact General Accounting with any issues on your journal.