Whom do I notify in the department that I have entered a journal entry that requires their approval?

You must ask the department or school or college contact for the name of the individual in their area that is authorized to approve journal entries.  More often than not, the person you are speaking with regarding the entry is not the APPROVER of entries for their area(s). Many areas on campus have structured their accounting procedures to ensure that either one, or a very limited number of people are authorized to approve entries. This often allows areas additional internal control over activity occuring in their chartstrings. As a last resort and if in doubt, you may contact the office of General Accounting to inquire about the correct person to notify of a journal.

You should never enter a journal without sending proper notification. Lack of notification delays the processing of the journal entry and has the potential to be “forgotten” and in some cases may result in incorrect financial data for areas involved.

Budget Managers, Deans, Directors and/or Department Heads may complete a Departmental Financial Transaction Approval Form to identify individuals with departmental signature authority for non-payroll financial documents and transactions.  To find out more about Authority to Approve Transactions visit the Financial Authority Overview page.