Journal Entry Error Messages

When a journal entry fails the Edit Journal process, the Journal Status will change to “E”.  This signifies an error in the entry.

Typical Error Messages Troubleshooting Solutions
Line #: Combo error for Line # The chartstring entered on the line indicated has an invalid combination

  • Combo error for fields Fund/Dept/Program in group SYR_FDP.
  • Combo error for fields Account/Dept in group SYR_ACCDEP.
  • Combo error for fields Program/Account in group SYR_PRGACT.
  • Combo error for fields Project/Bud Ref in group SYR_BUDREF.
  • Combo error for fields Fund/Dept/Project in group SYR_FDPRJ.
  • Combo error for fields Program/Mycode in group SYR_PRGMYC.
  • Combo error for fields Project/Account in group SYR_PRJACT.

These must be fixed before you notify the appropriate individuals for approval of the journal.

Journal line errors exist for this header. When you have errors in your entry lines, you will receive this message in the header errors section of the errors page.

If your entry has a large number of lines, your error may not appear on the lines section of the errors page, due to space limitations.

Click on the errors only box on the top of the Lines page. Then only the lines that have errors will appear in the line errors section of the errors page.


The journal date is not in an open period for this ledger. This date of the journal is outside of the current open period.

For example:  The month of July, 2009 is the current open period, the date on the journal is June, 2009.  Since June is no longer open for any transactions, this error will occur.

Invalid value — press the prompt button or hyperlink for a list of valid values.

The value entered in the field does not match one of the allowable values.  You can see the allowable values by pressing the Prompt button or hyperlink.

You have selected a budgetary only account as part of your Chartstring.  Budget accounts typically end in 00, these accounts can only be used for budget transactions.

Select new valid value for account.

PC Bus Unit, Project and Activity are required

The Business Unit Options for this Projects Business Unit require that Business Unit, Project and Activity are input.

Pertains to sponsored or sponsored-related Chartstring(s).

You must input each Chartfield required:

  • Sponsored Project Business Unit
  • Project ID
  • Activity ID
  • Analysis Type
ChartField error for (VALUE) fieldname (VALUE), (prompt table TABLE NAME). This is the result of a Chartfield value being inactivated after entry was saved, but prior to posting the entry.
Actual totals do not match control totals. The totals from the Lines page default into the totals page into the actuals column when the journal entry is successfully edited.

This error message indicates that amounts have been inadvertently entered in the control totals column of the totals page. This functionality is not currently being used. Do not enter data into this page.