Approving Journal Entries

To review and approve an online journal entry for which you have been notified:

You must be an Authorized Departmental Approver for the department that is being charged.

Navigate to your Worklist in MySlice by clicking on the Financials Worklist link on the Financial Services pagelet in MySlice.

worklistpagelet 2

Your worklist will display all journal entries for which you have been notified and need to review.



Worklists should be reviewed daily to avoid delay in posting of entries.

Each Journal ID sent will appear as a link.

Click each link to review notification details.


Notification Details include:

  • Recipients
  • Journal ID number
  • A link to the journal entry to be reviewed
  • Date Sent
  • Instructions
  • Message text (if entered)

To proceed, click the “Access The Page” link 

“Access the Page” links you directly to the journal entry to be reviewed and approved for the corresponding Journal ID.

Review your portion of the journal entry for accuracy.


If the entry is valid and you wish to approve, you may EITHER:

Return to your WorkList by selecting the “Worklist” link in the upper right hand corner of the page


AND clicking on the “Mark Worked” button within your Worklist.



You may click on the “Mark Worked” Button on the Journal Line Page.


If you disagree with any part of the journal lines that impact your chartstring,  contact the Originator of the entry to resolve any issues.