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Bursar - Payment Plan
Mar 10,2015 at 12:44:PM

 Click here for the Monthly Payment Plan application


Dear Parent and Student:

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to apply for the Monthly Payment Plan for the upcoming academic year. This plan combines the elements of a deferred payment and a pre-payment program. We hope the following steps will aid you in the application process and provide you with additional information on how the plan works. THERE IS AN ANNUAL NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE OF $70.00 WHICH WILL BE BILLED TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND CALCULATED INTO YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENTS. The plan may be utilized for one semester only or for both the Fall and Spring semesters. You may pay the full balance owing at any time and cancel your payment plan. ($70 fee is non-refundable) 

How the plan works:
We calculate your monthly payment amount by taking all tuition, room, meal plan and fee charges currently posted to your account minus all payments, financial aid and other credits currently posted to your account. The remainder is then divided by the number of months you will be making payments which is typically 5 for fall (first bill is sent in June) and 6 for Spring (first bill is sent in November) but it can be less depending upon when you enroll in the plan. You will be billed monthly.

Payment amounts can change - Payment amounts can change based on increases or decreases in charges, financial aid or other credits. The balance due will be recalculated based on the number of months remaining on the plan every month.


Financial Aid:
If you anticipate receiving Syracuse University financial aid, we will process the Monthly Payment Plan once you have received your notice of award from the Office of Financial Aid. We will estimate PELL and New York State Awards based on estimates we receive from the Office of Financial Aid. Adjustments will be made later if necessary. We ask that you provide the Office of Financial Aid with documentation of pending aid from Non-University sources if you wish us to include the aid in your plan.

Completion and Return of the Application:
Please complete ALL fields of the application to assist us in processing your payment plan as accurately and efficiently as possible. The application can then be emailed to, faxed to 315-443-3630 or mailed to Syracuse University, Bursar Operations, 102 Archbold North, Syracuse, NY 13244. IT IS NOT REQUIRED THAT THE $70 FEE BE REMITTED WITH THE APPLICATION. It will be billed to your account.

Late Payments and Financial Holds :
Payments not received by the due date each month will be considered late and will result in a FINANCIAL HOLD condition. A financial hold condition prohibits future registrations and the receipt of a transcript or diploma. Once the past due financial obligation has been satisfied, the financial hold will be lifted.

Fees :
There are no FINANCE CHARGES or interest charges imposed for use of the Monthly Payment Plan. As stated previously, we do charge an annual non-refundable application fee of $70.00 for participation in this plan. If you apply and then decide not to participate in the plan, this fee will NOT be refunded.

The University reserves the right to assess a late fee in any semester that full payment is not received in accordance with the terms of the payment plan agreement. The late fee is $85.00 where the entire remaining balance for the semester is $499.99 or less and $120.00 where the entire remaining balance for that semester is $500.00 or more.

If you have any further questions, please call a Bursar Account Representative at (315) 443-2444, write to Bursar Operations, 102 Archbold North, Syracuse, New York 13244-1140 or contact us via e-mail at .

Thank you,
Bursar Operations 

To apply for the Syracuse University's Monthly Payment Plan option:

1. Click here to download the PDF form. Print this form.
To view this document, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the latest free version of this software.

2. Send a copy of your completed form to:
Bursar Operations
102 Archbold North
Syracuse, NY 13244-1140

Scan and email the completed document to


Fax the completed and signed application to (315) 443-3630


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