The Comptroller’s Office reports to the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for the development of financial accounting and related policies to control and safeguard University Assets.

Comptroller Bio

Photo of Comptroller Jean Gallipeau

Jean Gallipeau serves as the University’s Comptroller and oversees a wide range of departments within Finance including Accounts Payable, Construction Accounting, Financial Reporting, Financial Systems Management, General Accounting, Purchasing, Payroll, Restricted Gift Accounting, Sponsored Accounting, and Tax Reporting.  Prior to her appointment as the University’s Comptroller in 2014, Jean served as the Associate Comptroller for the University for two years.  Jean’s prior experiences includes such roles as Senior Audit Manager for KPMG, Finance Director for Central New York Regional Transportation Center, and Controller for Carrier United Technologies Corporation.  Jean is a New York State Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who served in public accounting for approximately ten years where she serviced multiple higher education clients.  She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from LeMoyne College.

Latest News

  • Disbursements Processing and Financial Systems Management Offices Temporarily Relocating – Effective Monday, August 6, 2018, the Offices of Disbursements Processing and Financial Systems Management will be relocating from the Skytop Office Building to 640 Skytop Rd., Unit 3. This temporary relocation is necessary to accommodate the renovations to the Skytop Office Building. Office employees will still be reachable through their usual phone numbers for the duration of the relocation. Further updates will be provided when renovations have been completed and the employees have transitioned back into their original locations.
  • Increase in Mileage Reimbursement Rate – The mileage reimbursement rate for use of a personal automobile on University business incurred on or after January 1, 2019, is $0.58 per mile.
  • SAMtool Makes Its Debut – A new Sponsored Award Management tool (SAMtool) has made its debut. The SAMtool is a financial and budget management tool for sponsored projects. It was conceived, designed and built with the active participation of a campus-wide cross-functional team including central office staff, department and college budget staff, and research faculty from multiple academic units.  
  • University Fringe Benefit Rates for Fiscal Year 2019 – The University’s fringe benefits expense is distributed to the responsibility centers, Syracuse Abroad administration, facilities, and administration and technology units as a percent of actual payroll expense. Fringe benefit rates were established considering the cost of the benefits available to employees in each classification (i.e., Regular, Graduate Assistant, Summer, Part-Time Faculty Union, Temporary Wages) as a percent of the payroll in the same classification. The University has negotiated new fringe benefit rates with the Federal government for fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019). These rates will be used for charging both sponsored (funds 13 and 91) and non-sponsored restricted (funds 15 and 16) chartstrings. The University has also established the fringe benefit rates to be used for unrestricted chartstrings (funds 11 and 14) under RCM for fiscal year 2019….more information about FY 2019 University Fringe Benefit_Rates (PDF) and FY18 Fringe Rates (PDF). 
  • New University Facilities and Administrative Rates – The University has negotiated with the Federal government to establish new Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rates, sometimes referred to as overhead or indirect cost rates. These new rates are effective for the next two fiscal years – fiscal 2016 and 2017 – and pertain only to sponsored activity…more information about facilities and administrative rates (PDF).
  • Accounting for Excess Property Sales – Please note that excess property sales may no longer be deposited to an expense account (i.e., accounts beginning with ’56’). 
    All excess property sales must be accounted for as revenue for the selling department. Please use one of the following revenue accounts to record the sales income:

    • 480057, Other-Excess Property Income (cash or check sale and the selling department is not an auxiliary department)
    • 470057, Auxiliaries-Excess Property (cash or check sale and the selling department is an auxiliary department)
    • 800057, Internal Income-Excess Property (ID sale, note: buying department should use an appropriate expense account)
  • W-2 Information – The Payroll Office continues to encourage employees to elect Electronic Receipt of their Form W-2. This can be done online via MySlice.  If you have questions about your Form W-2, please contact the Payroll Office at x4042.
  • Direct Deposit. We continue to encourage students and employees to elect direct deposit of your student refunds, expense reimbursements, and pay. This can be done via MySlice.